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Project Packages

No Hidden Costs – No Unexpected Charges – Budget Conscious Options

My fixed price packages allow you to budget wisely and plan ahead for business growth. Included are my most frequently requested services. Each provides a fixed price and scope so you know what you're getting up front.

No hidden costs, no overages, no busted budgets!



Make your presence known on the web with a complete website package. Includes everything you need to present a professional image on the web, capture leads, build authority and connect with your audience.

Your new website is built to reflect your business or brand so you can get out in front of a global audience. I am sure to include specific Call to Action items, logos, social and more…all created to meet your specific needs.

$299 Mo.


LeadPages is one of easiest ways to get a presence online, but figuring out the back end technical side of this powerful builder is a struggle for so many business owners and leaves them feeling defeated so they give up.

Let me take that off your plate for you with this complete set up package. Includes set up and design of your LeadPages and integration with your other apps. You provide Video, Copy or Images, I provide design and development.

$ 175 Flat Rate


As Russell says, “You're Just One Funnel Away”! But that funnel has to be built first, right? Navigating through the technical and developmental back-end of ClickFunnels™, Backpack and Actionetics can be a bear.

Let me take that project off your desk with this complete ClickFunnels™ build package. Everything you need to build out your first funnel is included. You provide Video, Copy and Images, I lay them all out for you.

$ 250 Flat Rate


Infusionsoft Setup

Get up to speed quickly in your new Infusionsoft Application with a complete Infusionsoft set up package. Everything you need to have set up and put in place to start your marketing automation right from the very beginning.

I will work with you to determine the best way to set up your Infusionsoft application so it will work for YOUR business model, whatever that may be. Includes discovery consultations to understand your business better and setup.

$ 997 Flat Rate

ActiveCampaign Setup

A great alternative to Infusionsoft, at a Budget-Friendly price, is ActiveCampaign. This program is a great way to launch into Marketing Automation for your business, especially if you have a smaller list or no list.

Let me set up the inner workings, create your forms, templates and campaigns to match your brand and your message. You work on your content and message and get your voice ready to push out to your audience. Then I'll integrate everything with your website.

$ 350 Flat Rate

Email Marketing Program

Whether your looking to deploy MailChimp®, Aweber, Constant Contact® or one of the other many popular email marketing apps, this package is the fastest way to get your setup and integration DONE!

Let me get your new application setup, create your lists, forms, templates, and integrate it with your websites or other marketing applications. Don't waste time struggling with the technology, order this package today.

$ 150 Flat Rate

Jennifer Myers

"Deirdre is such a pleasure to work with and really the tech-speak and project management angel, I had been searching for! I feel so taken care of by her--she WANTS to take things off your plate so you, the content creator, marketer, online business owner, can get into your genius zone of making money! I feel like she has this magic wand that takes all my stumbling blocks with all things technology and getting what's in my head online and it's just done and then she hands it over on a silver platter all done and perfect. Really amazing to work with and just "gets it."

Michelle Bersell

"I have been very impressed with many aspects of Deirdre's work. First, she is very caring about being there to support your work, making herself available in order that deadlines are met. She also is highly proficient in a variety of tasks. It has been highly valuable hiring Deirdre and I recommend her services."

DesPriMa Design, Print, Mail

"Deirdre is my go to provider for online, social, and design work. Always professional and extremely knowledgeable about the needs of small businesses in a digital age. Thank you for always helping my business grow!"

Walid MoustafaDesPriMa
Mark Lane Live

"Deirdre has been an absolute blessing to work with. The return on investment that I got from working with her ...was immeasurable. Excellent service all the way around."


The Down & Dirty

This package is your lifeline when it all just breaks down and you realize what you're doing inside the business just isn't working. Staff is leaving, there is almost zero organization, and the back-office is a complete mess.

Includes a series of 5 (1 hour) deep diving discovery calls to understand what IS and IS NOT working in your back office and a complete written strategy to help you implement change, accountability, and automate, delegate and eliminate!

$ 500 Flat Rate

Project Management Setup

If you are deploying a new project with many moving parts, you need to get set up for success from the very start or there is a good chance you project will either take longer, cost more or even worse…crash and burn!

Don't let your idea die because of poor project management. This package includes a project assessment and set up of the software and systems necessary to help keep you and your team on track for success.

$ 300 Flat Rate

Growth Hacking Assessment

Business is great and you've reached or exceeded your business goals, but your business has reached a plateau. It is time to think about taking your business to the next level…but HOW?

My growth hacking package is a great way for you to uncover hidden opportunity in your business which will allow you to take it to the next level. We'll work together through 3 (1 hour) strategy sessions to Growth Hack your biz and help you move into the next phase of your business.

$ 400 Flat Rate


Offline Marketing Assets

This package includes a unified design across 3 pieces of offline marketing content. You will get a cohesive look which aligns with your existing brand so you can have a professional presence in the real world.

You get to choose from a variety of offerings such as brochures, flyer, business card, postcard, rack card and business cards. Pick the three which will best suit your business needs today and bring your brand to the offline space.

$ 250 Flat Rate

Online Marketing Assets

Does your website or social media property need a facelift? Have you recently re-branded your business and need to bring that to the online space. This package will help you bring that new look to your existing spaces.

I will include up to 5 pieces of online web graphics (banners, hero images, ad graphics) to help you get your new look on the web. Choose from web graphics, social media graphics or a mix of those with other marketing items. The choice is yours.

$ 200 Flat Rate

3D Marketing Graphics

There are times when you need to take your design online and give it the look and feel of offline objects. This package helps you to do just that with 3D graphic design elements for your online marketing efforts.

Whether you need a whitepaper or ebook to look like the real thing OR you want your 12-part training package to have the look of a real DVD set, this package will make that happen. Choose 1 of several designs.

$ 100 Flat Rate


Membership Site Setup

It is time to take your curated content and package it up behind a pay-to-play door. You're ready for a membership site. If this seems like an overwhelming undertaking that exceeds your personal tech knowledge than this package is for you.

This package includes everything but the content. Sorry, that's up to you. I will take care of laying out the membership space and integrating with your merchant account and marketing software so all you have to do is drop in your content.

$ 1,500 Flat Rate

Virtual Summit Setup

A Virtual Summit is one of the fastest ways to build your list quickly, but there are many moving parts to a successful online summit, and if you do it wrong, you can lose the opportunity to attract some big name keynotes and customers.

This package will walk you through the planning and includes the setup of the  online virtual space where your summit is held.  It also includes the marketing & automation so you aren't left in an administrative nightmare.

$ 1,500 Flat Rate

Webinar Setup

The fastest way to get your message to the masses is VIDEO! Webinars are super hot right now and the quickest way to draw more interest to your product and/or services. Getting this set up right is imperative for webinar success.

Let me set up the technical side so you can get working on the actual webinar content. This package includes setting up all of your landing pages and the back end area where your webinar is housed and managed.

$ 250 Flat Rate

Holly Bellomy Interiors

"Good attitude and customer service. :)"

Ellen Sirot Hand Model

"Great to work with! Efficient and timely. Everything you could ask for!"

Lee Van Zyl

"Brilliant tech, creative and internet marketing guru...loyal and very professional. Great service always"

Destiny Training Systems

"Deirdre is multi-talented, efficient, effective, organized, creative and so much more. She is one of the most valuable assets on our team. Hard to imagine where we would be without her. Thank you!"

Need a More Customized Approach?

Note book and light bulb on wood table

Maybe your idea is a bit more complex or you are still unsure of exactly what you need or you need a combination of these items. Let's talk about it.

Every business is different and your idea is unique. I can help you decide the best software, service and deployment options to help you get your idea out of your head and in front of your customers.

Click below to set up a free 30 minute consult call and let's have a conversation about the best way to get you from vision to implementation. I am confident we can find a solution together!

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