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Nice to Virtually meet you! I am Deirdre J. I am an online business manager and consultant with expertise in creating and growing small businesses.

Consider me a ‘partner on-call‘ for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

I offer a range of virtual business support services designed to help your business grow and thrive both online and off. Whether you are a start-up, a one man/woman show, or have 50 employees, my diverse experience can help you manage your most difficult business challenges with customized support, marketing, design, and web solutions.


Need a quality website up quickly? I specialize in creating those!

How’s your marketing? Need a little help with Social Media, online marketing or printed materials? I am ready to help!

Are you struggling with your sales funnels, CRM or other automation apps like Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign? I have been down that road. I cut down the weeds and I know what works and, more importantly, what does not work! Each business is different so there is no one solutions.

Need more help for your back office tasks or maybe you need to learn how to be more efficient so you can grow?

I love helping to make businesses more efficient and profitable!

Whatever aspect of your business needs a little help, I have the services to support you and the experience to help your small business thrive. I am a full-service business management company and offer specialized customer care and individualized service to small and micro businesses.

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