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Nurture Power with Facebook Messenger & ManyChat

ManyChat Bots Setup Services

Reach more leads, answer frequently asked questions and experience more immediate communication with your customers and prospects by utilizing the power of Facebook Messenger Bots.

What is a Messenger Bot?

A messenger bot allows you to communicate with, and respond to, your audience right inside Facebook Messenger using the power of automation. By setting up various bots to perform different operations you can provide real-time support and nurturing and sales without being glued to Facebook messenger.

How Can a Bot Help My Business?

Bots can be used in so many ways to give your audience an enhanced experience with your brand. Here are some real world uses:

– Answer Frequently Asked Questions.

– Provide delivery of leadmagnets and tripwires right inside Facebook Messenger

– Make real-time offers and segment your audiences based on their responses.

– Provide polls and quizzes and segment based on responses.

– Provide follow-up sequences inside Messenger based on keywords or activity by your audience.

– Automatically deliver daily special, coupons, content in a “set it and forget it” series.

– Drip out nurture and pre-sale sequences to warm up cold audiences.

– PLUS sooooo much more. Really, I mean it…so much more!

Chances are, if you are fairly active on Facebook, you have interacted with a Facebook Messenger bot. Bots are growing in popularity, but not too many people understand their potential or know how to use them so most businesses have an opportunity to beat out their competition in this one area alone.

Try out a Bot right now…

Go to this page and scroll to the bottom of the page. A pop-up will appear and you’ll be on your way (Facebook account needed). Once you experience ChatBots yourself, you’ll begin to see the power they hold.

Let’s Chat About It!

Whether you are new to Facebook Messenger Bots or know exactly what you’d like to build, I am here to help! Just click below to get started and set up a free 30 minute consult call.

I look forward to helping you grow your audience and your business with Facebook Messenger and ManyChat. Chat soon!

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