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It's Time to Get Organized and Grow!

It’s time to get your business prepped for success. Whether you need a complete overhaul or need to get better organized in order to grow, these Business Management solutions are a great place to start.

Choose a package to meet your needs and then let’s dig in and get that desk cleared and those projects out of your head and DONE!

The Down & Dirty

If you business is in need of some serious organization then this is the package for you! Having a well organized business can save you stress, time, and MONEY!

I work with you through 5 one hour discovery sessions where we really dig into the inner workings of your business and look at all areas so that I can help you to get better organized, lay out detailed operating procedures, and see where you can Automate, Delegate, or Eliminate in your business to save both time and money.

This package includes our one-on-one strategy calls as well as a final action plan (including checklists, forms, and planning tools) that you can use to get your systems in place and team members in sync. We’ll find you the time you need to develop new products and services and get you out of the weeds!

Project Organization

Always remember the 6 Ps
Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

This project setup and organization package helps you work out the strategy and processes and puts checks in place so everyone on your team is accountable and on the same timeline.

I will help you chart out your project into easy action steps so you can get a realistic view of what to expect and avoid overwhelm. I’ll bring my years of planning and project management experience to our strategy sessions and introduce you to the proven tools I have used for planning success.

Our time includes 3 one hour calls followed by set up of your entire project into my favorite project management software, Trello. Additional services are available after our planning sessions if you need help managing your project through to the end.

Growth Hacking Assessment

No more analysis paralysis! Let’s take your business to the next level!

Sometimes we are either too close to our own business to see the hidden opportunities within it. Let me help you uncover the possibilities for growth and added income with a Growth Hacking Assessment.

I know that every business has something more to offer; there is always hidden money. Let’s uncover it together.

This package includes 3 one hour calls to help you find the potential inside your business. My experience working with many Entrepreneurs just like you will bring new eyes to your business and show you just how much potential there is. After we uncover it, we’ll strategize the best way to take your new offerings and get them set up for sale!

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