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Up and Running with Keap

Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) has received a bad rep from many freelancers and I want to change that.

There are few services out there that will give you the same level of automation and performance that Keap will. It is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can have for your business at this price. Hands down.

The bad rep usually comes from a  misunderstanding of how the software works and how to properly set it up to best serve your business. This is where I can help set you up for success.

As a Keap Certified Partner, I know that one of the most critical components of Keap is the initial setup and the ongoing cleanup and maintenance of the app. This includes far more than campaign creation or product setup. It involves an organization of all things Keap including; Tags, Products, Payment Gateways, Templates, Categories, Integrations, Custom Reports and so much more in order optimize the software to best work for your business and give you the automation you’re looking for.

I offer a complete setup package to get you started right. This complete setup package is perfect if you need to get up and running quickly and just do not have time or desire to dig into the software yourself.

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2 One Hour Strategy Sessions

These sessions allow me to understand how your business operates and what your automation goals are, so that I can be sure your software is set up to best serve YOUR business.

Addon Users

I will add users based on their responsibilities to insure your team has access only where they need it. I will be sure all user settings are in place to meet your level of access and confidentiality.

Tags & Tag Category Creation

Tags are one of the most difficult areas to understand in Keap. Based on our strategy sessions, I will create Tags and Categories that MAKE SENSE and help you manage your campaigns, leads and customers with ease.


Ah the STAR of the show for most businesses…campaigns. This package includes set up of 2 marketing campaigns. You decide which 2 will best suit your immediate needs. Additional campaigns can be added for an additional fee based on scope and content.

Email Marketing

This package includes the creation of 2 unique email templates which match the look and feel of your brand** while providing a work space for your Newsletter or Product/Service announcements.

Referral Partner Area

I will create a space to help your Sales Affiliates market better by setting up your unique programs and adding in the tools they need to market better like Banners**, Email templates and more.

'Other' Fields

Keap comes with a set number of data fields out-of-the-box to covers about 90% of what most businesses need. Unique data fields will be created to cover unique data collection for your business.

Data Imports

Most businesses migrate to Keap from another email marketing product. This package includes the Import of your existing Contact Lists into your new Keap application.

ECommerce Setup

Connecting to your payment gateway and adding your products* will no longer be a struggle. I will make sure all integrations are working and that all products and shopping carts are set up with your branding** so you can start selling right away.

Dashboard & Custom Reports

I will set you up for Keap management success with a custom dashboard and up to 5 custom reports to best serve your management needs.

You can spend days or even weeks just getting up to speed with understanding Keap, and that’s not including the actual setup. If you simply want to get started right away and want to avoid the learning curve and setup then I guarantee this package is worth it.

I also offer other Keap services to support your sales, CRM, and marketing efforts. These include; sales pipelines and opportunities, lead scoring setup, action sets, tag and campaign cleanup, campaign audits, and customized campaigns to help you automate just about anything in your business.

*Includes set up of up to 10 unique products with subscription options.

**All graphics, product descriptions, affiliate content, logos and branding will be provided by the client.

Ready to Get Up and Running? Still have questions?

Ready to Get Up and Running? Still have questions?

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