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Eat Your Elephant

Eat Your Elephant Deirdre J

Eat Your Elephant

Eat Your Elephant Deirdre J

There is an old riddle which asks…

“How do you eat an Elephant?”

The Answer?

“One bite at a time!”

This series (page down to get started) is created especially for those who are completely overwhelmed with all they have going on and are just not sure where to start.

The thought of tackling all those things you want to do at once turns it into an Elephant and the only way to Eat Your Elephant is to break it down into pieces and tackle it one bite at a time.

Eat your Elephant breakdown

You can’t do it all at once. You’ll burn out, you’ll avoid it, you’ll procrastinate and a year will go by with no real change.

Instead I want to help you make small changes over days, weeks and months, to quell the overwhelm, and finally move the needle forward in your business.

Before you know it, that Elephant will be gone!

Your Eaten Elephant

In this series of posts I will look to help you Eat Your Elephants in different areas of your biz. Productivity, Email, Tech and more. Take one piece and work through it, then go into the next. Little by little, eating those elephants!

I will be adding to this over time as the series grows, so check back often to see what is new.

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