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Thank you for your interest in this local visibility case study. The purpose of this study is to work with local businesses to help them raise their local visibility, gain more local awareness and, of course, gain more customers. This is for local businesses only and will focus on local visibility techniques.

Since this is a Case Study, we will be testing various techniques to help you locate the best options for YOUR business type. Not every technique will work well for every business and so we will seek to use what is best for yours.

The study will measure a period of 3 months with an option to continue for an additional 3 months, if you choose to do so.

You understand that this is a free service being offered and that you will be asked to do some work in order to help integrate techniques. This work is entirely up to you, but results will be based on implementation. If you are willing to do the work, your results will reflect that.

You may choose to use paid services, like Facebook advertising, if you deem this is best for your business to increase visibility faster. This is NOT a requirement of this study and increased local visibility can be achieved without this.

By participating, you agree to provide feedback and reporting as it is requested, so that results can be measured. You further agree that these results will be made public (with your specific business information redacted) by Deirdre J (

Please use the form below to apply.


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