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Whitelisting Instructions

You’ll need to whitelist my email address to ensure you receive all future updates from me.

Follow the instructions below for Gmail (most common).  Skip to Step 5 for other providers):

Step 1: In your inbox, locate an email from – It is likely in your “PROMOTIONS” tag if you just signed up.

Step 2: Drag this email to the “PRIMARY” tab of your inbox.

Step 3: Gmail will ask you if you want future emails from me to go here. Select “Yes”.

Whitelist Instructions Deirdre J

Step 4: Add “” to your online address book

Step 5: You’ll see that my emails will now go to your “PRIMARY” tab in the future!

For other email service providers (Yahoo, AOL, etc.) please add my email as a contact in your address book. Additional instructions can be found here.

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