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Infusionsoft 101 – Custom Fields: Where are they? [VIDEO]

Infusionsoft Custom Fields. If you need to change or update your Custom Fields in Infusionsoft then this video is for you.

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Hey there, new Infusionsoft user. I say ‘new’ because this video is more so for the new user or somebody who’s a little less experience in the application. If you have a decent level of experience, you probably already know this, but this could be a good refresher for you.

What we’re going to look for today is one of the hidden areas in Infusionsoft. It’s called other fields, or custom fields. These are those brand or business-specific fields that you can create yourself to collect data on a contact that’s specific to your business. Infusionsoft hides a lot of stuff inside the application, so it’s one of the things that people often find themselves trying to find to make a correction to an other field or a custom field and they can’t seem to figure out how to do that.

This quick video will show you how to do that and how to update and clean up your custom fields if they’ve been a little messy or they have duplicates, or you want to change the name of a field.


Let’s first look at a contact record and see where these custom fields live. By default they live under the custom fields tab on the contact record. They would be listed here one under the other. If you have a custom tab for a custom field, then you’ll see a specific tab here. Then you’ll see those custom fields listed under that tab.

Let’s talk about where that is.


If we start at the dashboard and we go up to our main menu, we want to click on settings. They’re hidden here in the admin area. Right now you see the term ‘custom fields’, but it’s a little confusing how you actually get to them. There’s different custom fields. You can set them up for a contact, a company, task, order, subscription, referral partner. We want to set up custom fields or find the custom fields for our contacts. That’s what we were just looking at in these tabs here.

If we just set this to contact and hit go, we’ll see all of our custom fields. Now this is a sandbox version of the application so there’s not a lot in here, but you can see that you have the tabs that we saw in the contact record, ‘initial contact info’, ‘custom fields’, ‘fix your funnel’. Then you see the headers under these tabs. We’ll go here, recorded calls, callback details. That’s recorded calls, callback details. Then you see the individual custom fields here, which are represented here. That gives you a little understanding as to what the difference is between a tab, a header, and the field. The fields are commonly the ones that you’re going to want to update. Maybe you’ll want to change a word or you need to reorganize the way they lay out on this actual area here. You can do that here.


To edit the record you would just hit this edit. That will open it up. You can change the name here. You can change the tab and the header it’s listed under here. Once you make those changes, you can just hit save. You can also organize these different by using these arrows to move the items up or down within a list so they could rearrange this order here. Then you can also add new tabs and new headers to add new tabs and the headers here. That is where you find your custom fields. I hope you’ll be able to now get in and do some cleanup if you need to, or reorganize, or delete fields that you no longer need.

Just a word of caution. When you delete a field, a custom field, anyone who had that custom field with data in it, that’s going to be removed from their contact record. So you do want to exercise some caution here when you’re making those changes, but if it’s a fairly new application, this will help you get some setup done or some basic cleanup done if you need to.

That’s the end of this video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions about custom fields that wasn’t covered here, please leave them in the comments below. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.

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